Electric Utility Load Management

Electric Utility Load Management

ImageCatapult OnDemand load management system automates direct demand-side load control for an electric power distribution business. OnDemand monitors and remotely controls customer loads through the SCADA system. These loads can be anything such as domestic hot-water, air-conditioning, irrigation pumps or various non-critical industrial loads.

OnDemand controls switchable loads on and off to meet preset energy targets. These targets are usually expressed as average load targets over a configurable charge period, commonly 30 minutes. Separate targets are supported for each connection point between the transmission and distribution networks. Sophisticated load-prediction algorithms use variable combinations of historic data, current load data and ambient conditions to predict load.

OnDemand also maintains a model of the load currently available to be shed or restored for every controllable load in the system. This comprehensive and accurate picture of load enables OnDemand to satisfy both average and instantaneous connection-point targets, plus guaranteed on and off times, priorities and load cycling requirements for each of the many controllable loads in the system.

System Features

  • Multiple load control areas
  • Multiple peak point of supply targets
  • Active and passive modes of operation
  • Under target and closest to target mode
  • Definable execution times
  • Configurable load prediction algorithms
  • Definable priority levels
  • Definable time constraints
  • Definable load patterns
  • Definable plant delays
  • Manual control
  • Definable guaranteed on times

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