Electric Utility Outage Management

Electric Utility Outage Management

ImageDisSPatch is a complete Outage Management System that provides for quick and efficient management of outages on an electrical distribution system.

DisSPatch processes information from customers, crews and devices to locate and predict problem areas. DisSPatch will help your system operators, dispatchers and supervisory staff effectively deal with any level of system outage, from the routine transformer outage to emergency storm situations where a significant portion of your customers are without power.


  • Improve response time by predicting outage location and indicating possible breaks.
  • Better control over system and outage information.
  • Quick access to priority customers, calls received and customers affected by an outage.
  • Interface to IVR systems including an enhanced Porche interface using the DisSPatch IVR Manager.
  • Rapid manual call entry using the DisSPatch Calls Manager.
  • Distribute outage information (number of outages, number of calls, etc.) throughout your organization using DisSPatch Calls Manager and the DisSPatch Web Based Outage Viewer.
  • Automatically utilize callback function through IVR Manager or manually through Calls Manager.
  • Reduce personnel needed to manage outage. No more paper shuffling to identify problem areas.
  • Ease of use allows any trained personnel to manage any size outage.
  • Complete outage history saved for future reporting on all customers and devices affected.
  • Manage crews assigned to outages.
  • Incremental restoration accurately calculates interruption consumer hours.
  • Easily create planned outage calling or mailing lists.

Outage Management Stages

DisSPatch provides tools to restore power to your customers efficiently. DisSPatch can receive and process various inputs for outage analysis, predict locations of outages, manage crews, allow dynamic circuit model changes and maintain historical data. The following capabilities make it easy for the dispatcher to process information through all stages of an outage:

Trouble Call

  • Process and record manual calls.
  • Interface with automatic telephone answering systems (IVR).
  • Provide outage information to the manual or IVR caller.
  • Utilize billing account data to accurately identify the caller.
  • Provide callback automation and data after the power is restored.
  • Communicate to the dispatcher:
    • Who is calling.
    • The nature of the problem.
    • What outage they belong to.
    • Data that might help locate and identify the problem.
  • Maintain call history of all information relevant to each call.

Outage Management

  • Predict the most likely open point from incoming call and sensor data inputs.
  • Recognize multiple system outages.
  • Dynamically change outage situations in real-time.
  • Communicate to the dispatcher:
    • Active outages.
    • Circuits affected.
    • Customers who are affected by the outage.
    • Customers who have called.
    • Length of each active outage.
    • Crew assignment.
    • Outage status.
  • Dynamically process incremental restorations.


  • Define and report all required outage statistics.
  • Custom reports written as required.

Crew Management

  • Crew assignment.
  • Truck type.
  • Identify primary crew.

Dynamic Switching

  • Single click operations to perform open and close operations.
  • Ability to create, display and edit the electrical circuit model. Milsoft's WindMil® circuit modeling editing tools used by DisSPatch to accurately model (simulate) and switch the electrical system.
  • Open the circuit and backfeed anywhere.


This function is the same in WindMil and provides all routines required to attach and display.

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