Electric Utility SCADA

Electric Utility SCADA

ImageCatapult iPower SCADA was developed with electric utilities in mind, including Rural Cooperatives, Municipal Authorities and Independent Distribution Utilities.

Based on GE Fanuc's proven Proficy iFIX SCADA, Catapult iPower has been installed across North America, Asia Pacific and China.

Easy to Use

Catapult iPower SCADA has been developed with control room operations in mind. The familiar and intuitive Windows environment, combined with consistent and clear interfaces, make Catapult iPower SCADA the operator's choice for easy, safe and efficient operations in all conditions.

Easy to Configure

Sophisticated tools automate Catapult iPower SCADA configuration, making it easy for any utility to implement accurate and consistent SCADA, without the need for SCADA engineering specialists.

Easy to Own

Intuitive operations, easy configuration and simplified maintenance... all reduce training and maintenance costs as well as the need for IT experts. Catapult iPower SCADA is the first to make it easy for utilities of all sizes to buy, install and maintain their own SCADA.

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