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GE Intelligent Platforms is an experienced high-performance technology company and a global provider of software, hardware, services, and expertise in automation and embedded computing. GE Intelligent Platforms offers a unique foundation of agile and reliable technology providing customers a sustainable advantage in the industries they serve, including energy, water, consumer packaged goods, government & defense, and telecommunications. GE Intelligent Platforms is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA and is part of GE Energy.

GE Intelligent Platforms

Proficy Plant Applications - Real World Manufacturing Execution Systems
Plant Applications is a suite of tightly integrated software solutions that give you more results from your operation. Plant Applications allows you to manage efficiency, quality, tracking (WIP, Genealogy, etc.) and production orders while providing web-based enterprise reporting.
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Image Proficy Real-Time Information Portal
Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides a web-based overview of all key metrics so you can operate your business more efficiently. Its sophisticated trending and reporting capabilities allows you to focus on continuous improvement.
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Image Proficy Historian
Proficy Historian (formally iHistorian) provides a robust and effective plant data repository to collect, archive and distribute large volumes of real-time, plant floor information quickly and easily.
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Image Proficy Cause+
Reduce your time to action and transform your data into real-time actionable information with Cause+.  Cause+ enables your operators, engineers, and maintenance staff to be more productive by responding faster to system issues and receiving instant post-alarm analysis via their live Proficy HMI/SCADA system. You can even use Cause+ to preempt alarm and failure event based on historical models—enabling your workforce to leverage "active avoidance," which can save batches, avoid downtime, and increase your yields.Product Details...

Image Proficy Change Management
Proficy Change Management assists in monitoring and controlling changes to your software and data assets to protect against device failure or operator error.
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Image Proficy Batch Execution
GE Intelligent Platforms can provide you with a complete Batch Solution. With Proficy Batch Execution, you will experience the power of ISA S88 device independent recipes combined with the ease of use that allows you to harness that power though a simple spreadsheet style recipe editor.
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Image Proficy Rx
Process understanding lies at the heart of any PAT deployment. Multiple types of instruments, hardware and software are an obstacle to collecting, consolidating and analyzing data. Challenges exist with varied data types, non-intuitive software environments and validation of disparate applications. Proficy RX from GE Intelligent Platforms helps you address those challenges and drive manufacturing operational improvement.
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Image Proficy Process Solutions
GE Intelligent Platforms delivers on the hybrid promise, closing the information and automation gap. Now, GE Intelligent Platforms introduces Proficy Process Systems, a process automation and control system that really delivers on the hybrid promise.
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Image Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX
Building on a track record of success and continual enhancements, the latest release of Proficy® HMI/SCADA – iFIX from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms is here: iFIX 5.0. A superior SCADA solution, this release transitions iFIX into a powerful next-generation visualization, control and real-time information management solution.
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Image Proficy HMI/SCADA - Cimplicity
CIMPLICITY has been used in all industries -- from process to discrete, to system monitoring. It is extremely well suited for discrete applications, and handles very large amounts of digital signals and alarm bursts.
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Image Proficy Shop Floor SPC
The cornerstone of maintaining consistently high quality lies within the ability to gather accurate and timely manufacturing data and organize it effectively. This is where the Proficy Shop Floor SPC family of data collection software can help.
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