Proficy HMI/SCADA - Cimplicity

Proficy HMI/SCADA - Cimplicity

Image CIMPLICITY HMI is a client/server based visualization and control solution that provides process visualization, data acquisition and supervisory control over manufacturing environments. The result is a solid and reliable data foundation for digitized production management. With CIMPLICITY HMI, operators and engineers have the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their manufacturing environment, equipment and resources.


  • Faster response to equipment operation issues
  • Reduced waste
  • Improved quality
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Increased profitability


  • Powerful monitoring and control over your production
  • Ease of use for new and experienced users
  • Powerful development tools for faster time to solution
  • Robust and open connectivity to software, systems and devices
  • Powerful Thin Client technologies
  • True client/server architecture for easy scalability
  • Sophisticated alarming & trending
  • OPC client, server, and alarm & events
  • Native drivers and OPC device connectivity
  • Application deployment for lowering total cost of ownership


  • DGR: Digital Graphical Replay provides powerful analysis by replaying logged data back through your screens
  • Action Calendar: Calendar-based event control
  • HMI for CNC: Connectivity to Fanuc CNCs
  • Marquee: Display alarm or event messages to marquee devices
  • Event Notification: Send alarms to mobile devices
  • Recipes: Manage and download set points to multiple controllers
  • SPC: Statistical Process Control integrated with alarm management
  • System Sentry: Monitor and alarm off key computer parameters such as memory or disk space
  • WebView and Thinview: Thin Client for displaying graphic screens via web pages on a PC or mobile devices
  • Terminal Services: Thin Client for full capabilities including remote development and maintenance

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