Proficy Plant Applications

Proficy Plant Applications

Image Plant Applications is a suite of tightly integrated software modules that help you get more results from your operation. Plant Applications allows you to manage product specifications, operational efficiency, quality, WIP inventory and production orders while providing web-based enterprise reporting providing useful visibility for all your operational needs.

Product Management Module

The product management module allows you to define bills of material or recipes along with key production metrics. Alarm set-points can be established as you desire providing comprehensive alarming including email notification of events.

Efficiency Management Module

The efficiency management module provides both downtime and waste event notification and tracking. Comprehensive reporting solutions are also available that provide MTBF, MTTR, OEE and other popular tracking metrics. User can also use the packages report authoring tools to create their own reports as well.

Quality Management Module

The quality management module allows users to track key quality metrics to improve your overall product quality. Process center lining, certificates of conformance and enhanced quality alarming are included with this module. Several built in reports are also available as well as the ability to create your own.

Production Management Module

The production management module allows users to view production orders and send them to the appropriate work cell or process train. Consumed and produced materials can be reported back to your ERP system with this module.

Batch Analytics Module

The Batch Analytics module is an off-the-shelf reporting and analysis application that works with multi-vendor systems to improve overall consistency and quality in batch execution processes.

Proficy Tracker

Proficy Tracker delivers lean production by managing inventory and production orders and routing materials - empowering operators with real-time information and control of their operations. A comprehensive tracking and order execution management system, Proficy Tracker accepts data from many types of sensors, readers, and ERP systems making it simple to implement and operate.

Proficy Workflow

Digitize your work processes with SOA-based industrial BPM. Industrial Business Process Management digitizes and streamlines your production – from your work instructions and SOPs to corrective action and HACCP monitoring. You can integrate your business and production processes across systems and departments for reliable, repeatable process execution.

Proficy Scheduler

Proficy Scheduler—powered by ROB-EX, is a Finite Capacity Scheduling application that helps planners create and manage more dynamic and effective production schedules based on resources and asset capacity. An interactive graphical view of the production plan across the plant, with its view of future resource impact, enables planners to optimize and balance the production schedule with materials, energy, labor, equipment, and delivery times. With automated rules, easy-to-configure routes and resources, Proficy Scheduler leverages the knowledge of the planner to help optimize and balance the production plan quickly, as often as needed. 

Proficy Maintenance Gateway

With Proficy Maintenance Gateway, you have the capability to drive plant and corporate maintenance systems with accurate, timely production data straight off the shop floor. This software solution brings capabilities that are strategic – to you and us, and you can count on GE Intelligent Platforms to bring greater value to your EAM system.

Proficy Data Mart

Proficy Data Mart takes your EMI reporting to a new level. Data Mart provides easy to use tools that allow you to mine data from multiple data sources for easy deployment.