Image Unlike competing products, NLINK is not a development tool aimed at programmers. Deployed since 1998, NLINK is a mature product that was designed from the ground-up to address the issues of Rapid Application Integration. Fast to Implement and easy to change, NLINK’s patented architecture delivers a configuration-driven solution requiring no end-user programming and no in depth knowledge of communications protocols or data formats.

Simple (Faster) - NLINK is a configuration-based product; no end-user programming is required. In fact, NLINK was designed from the ground-up to target companies and integration projects that do not have large IT staffs. Underlying details of the data formats, protocols, transports, encoding methods and application interfaces are hidden from the end-user. The NLINK Configuration Module presents the integration task in a logical and consistent manner guiding the end-user through the entire process.

Cost-Effective (Cheaper) - NLINK is component-based. NLINK CoNNectors, eXtenders and Modules can be mixed and matched to create the optimal integration solution. NLINK customers pay only for the components that they actually use. Over time, as the integration project evolves, incremental costs are added only when significant new functionality is required.

Easy to Find Skill Set (Better) - NLINK allows business users and IT staff alike to design, build and deploy interfaces between systems. No programming knowledge or in depth information technology skill set is required to complete a successful integration project, on-time and within budget. Experience has shown us that new users become productive immediately upon completion of initial Training.

Small Footprint (Better) - NLINK installs in minutes and once installed, allows rapid-prototyping of integration interfaces. NLINK is configuration-based so changes to existing interfaces can be made quickly and easily. NLINK's small footprint still delivers an enterprise class integration solution that is reliable, scalable, flexible and manageable.

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