Fiber Laser Marker - LMF Series

Amada Miyachi's GEN4 Fiber Laser Marker - LMF Series 10 to 100 Watt Solutions

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Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Laser Markers- LMF Series 10W to 100W:
LMF GEN4 Series include: LMF10, LMF20, LMF20-HP, LMF20-SM, LMF35-HP, LMF50, 
and LMF100

  • Largest Q switch range of 2-500 kHz
  • Two-Year Unlimited Hour Warranty, with available Perpetual Warranty Extension****
  • High speed, High Contrast marks on plastics
  • High speed annealing and engraving of metals
  • Multi language software support
  • Rotary and XYZ integrated motion
  • PC, touchscreen, pendant or standalone

Amada Miyachi America's newly updated GEN 4 LMF Series Fiber Laser Markers are rugged, cutting-edge machines  designed to address a wide range of laser marking applications. This versatile series is designed with multiple  integration options to accommodate standalone operation, full production automation, or prototype development. The LMF Series Fiber Laser Markers are particularly suited for high speed laser marking, laser engraving / laser  etching, laser ablation, and laser annealing resulting in high contrast marks on plastics, metals and more. May also be used for laser deep engraving, laser foaming and laser bleaching.  User configurable options and unique features mean the LMF Series laser markers can be tailored for optimized production. In response to customer demand for fine marking (less than 30 microns), Miyachi America recently introduced the  LMF20-SM Single Mode laser marker.  LMF20-SM features increased depth of focus for finer lines, and marking on  curved surfaces in an increased mark working area.  It is particularly suited for scribing and cutting a wide variety of materials including alumina, silicon, copper and aluminum foils.  LMF 20-SM has a high beam quality, with an M- squared of less than 1.3.

****Amada Miyachi Annual PM Required after First Year of Service