Laser Marking Systems

Miyachi America Corporation Laser Marking Systems


Miyachi America Corporation offers a wide range of standard, class I, turnkey systems for laser marking applications. Choose from manual, R&D type stations to semi-automated workstations designed for high volume part marking. Each workstation can accommodate up to a 420mm focal length optic. Custom systems also available.

  • Fully integrated standard and custom systems
  • Complete range of laser marker technology available: Fiber, Nd:YVO4, Green, UV, CO2
  • Simple, intuitive software
  • Multi-purpose systems
  • Manual or Automated Turnkey Class 1 Workstations
  • Rotary Loading / Marking
  • Optional Programmable Focus for Different Part Heights
  • Custom Parts Handling and Fixturing
  • Automation Integration
  • Circumferential Marking Option
  • External Axis Control through Marking Software