Miyachi America Lasers
Amada Miyachi America is the premier provider of laser marking, engraving, annealing, cutting and laser welding equipment for industrial applications. CyberGear® represents these products for the state of Michigan, with trained sales representatives and certified personnel capable of servicing the lasers in the field. We offer access to our laser laboratory in Wixom, MI such that we can test your application, using your materials, your parts and using your production line requirements, to determine the best equipment and solution to your specifications. We will meet with you to see the application, test the parts and return with a proposal to meet your needs. A representative offering of our products including both lasers and safety enclosures as listed below.

Amada Miyachi America's Fiber Laser Marking, Welding and Cutting Family


Fiber Laser Marker- LMF Family

Amada Miyachi America offers a new line of LMF series fiber laser markers with a platform varying from 10 to 100 Watt Output Capacity.  The Yb: fiber laser marker is designed for high speed contrasting marks in both plastics and metals. With all the advantages of fiber technology, user configurable options and unique features the LMF20 can be tailored for optimized production.
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Laser-Marking-Systems.jpgLaser Marking Systems
Amada Miyachi America offers a wide range of standard, class I, turnkey systems for laser marking applications. Choose from manual, R&D type stations to semi-automated workstations designed for high volume part marking. Each workstation can accommodate up to a 420mm focal length optic. Custom systems also available.
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High-Performance-Compact-Spot-Welders.jpgHigh Performance Compact Spot Welders - LW5A / 15A / 25A
Amada Miyachi America A-Series pulsed Nd:YAG lasers are designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of precision welding applications such as medical devices, electronic components and other micro and macro laser welding applications requiring the highest levels of quality, precision, reliability and uptime with the lowest cost of ownership.
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Active Image High Speed Seam Welders - LW300A / 400A / 500A / 600A
The LW300A - 600A series lasers offer one product family specifically designed for high speed seam welding applications offering high peak power and pulse stability to meet virtually any production welding application.

Each laser can be configured with up to four Time Share or four Energy Share outputs to match any application requirement; utilize one laser to support up to four workstations processing different parts with different weld schedules.
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Active Image  Laser Welding Gloveboxes
Based on the industry-leading Generation 6, Miyachi America's Benchmark laser welding gloveboxes offer precise control of moisture, pressure, and gas composition in the processing environment and are optimized for laser welding sensitive electronic packages such as implantable medical devices and semiconductors. Modular, configurable design ensures that we can meet any manufacturing need or budget.
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