CYBERGEAR to attend 2016 AIAG Show

CYBERGEAR to attend 2016 AIAG Show

July 28, 2016
GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Cybergear, a Michigan based manufacturing automation and enterprise solution supplier will attend the 2016 AIAG Quality Summit. This year’s Quality Summit, "Surviving and Thriving Through Industry Transformation", will be focused on helping organizations - from global OEM's, to mega-sized system suppliers, to sub-tier parts, materials, and service providers - adapt their systems and prepare their personnel to not only survive, but thrive and excel, during the transformation of the automotive industry.

Whether the transformation is due to disruptive product technologies, such as adaptive driving systems enabling the autonomous vehicle, attaining critical mass amongst OEM's and suppliers to finally make the shift from 2D drawings to 3D model based enterprise, or adapting to increased oversight and heightened regulatory requirements for field issue management, or a pending revision of the industry's quality management system standard, there is no doubt that the automotive industry is facing a tidal wave of transformative forces.

There are many issues facing automotive OEM’s.  Rapid product changes, short product life, the requirement to track and trace every component and an increasing level of regulatory compliance requirements.  These are just a few of the factors pushing automotive OEMs to consider part marking and tracking technologies and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system as a platform for product tracking and life cycle management. 

Cybergear will be demonstrating part marking, part smart label tracking and MOM software solutions at the 2016 Quality Summit.  The event will be held September 29th and 30th at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI.  

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