Miyachi now offering 10 to 50 Watt Fiber Laser Markers and Fine Cutting Systems


Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Laser Markers - 10 to 50W

Miyachi Unitek's LMF Series Yb: fiber laser markers are specifically designed for high speed laser marking, laser engraving, and laser ablation resulting in high contrast marks on plastics, metals and more. User configurable options and unique features mean the LMF Series markers can be tailored for optimized production.

In response to customer demand for fine marking (less than 30 microns), Miyachi Unitek recently introduced the LMF2000-SM Single Mode laser marker.  LMF2000-SM features increased depth of focus for marking on curved surfaces, and produces even finer lines in an increased mark working area.  It is particularly suited for scribing and cutting a wide variety of materials including alumina, silicon, copper and aluminum foils.  LMF 2000-SM has a high beam quality, with an M2 of less than 1.2. While multi-mode fiber has higher light-gathering capacity than single-mode optical fiber, single mode fibers allow only one propagation mode of the light, increasing focusability.

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