Dura Tags

Dura Tags

Image With customer mandates for EPC compliance and the drive to lean manufacturing today to reduce WIP inventory many customers are adding laminated RFID tracking tags to their totes, pallets and chemical containers.

CyberGear® can assist you with your difficult applications. Traditionally, difficult applications involving high metal or liquid content payloads have been difficult for some vendors to address. Not so with CyberGear®. CyberGear® offers an RFID field booster strip (patent pending) that conducts RF fields to the tag regardless of its orientation. Therefore tags need not be oriented just so to be able to read tags in difficult environments. Please ask your CyberGear® representative for details.


  • Increasing inventory visibility
  • Reduce the time it takes to do physical inventory.
  • Easy to read (human readable, barcode readable, and RFID readable, tags are available in “many part” configurations)
  • Match encoding strategy to your needs


  • Multiple UHF chip vendors are available
  • Large user memories are available in addition to standard EPC memory
  • Unlimited reads / 10,000 writes / 10 year life
  • GRAI encoding format standard (Global Returnable Asset Identifier – EPC standard)
  • 1, 2 & 3 part tags are available.
  • Custom formats and encoding available
  • Laminated tags are provided with an aggressive adhesive.
  • RFID field booster strips available.

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