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Image The MC3090-Z is another industry first from Motorola. A rugged handheld RFID reader that is both lightweight and packed with features, the MC3090-Z brings RFID functionality to indoor business or “carpeted” environments. Groundbreaking innovations developed for the antenna end the compromise of choosing between linear polarization for a longer read range or circular polarization for wider coverage. Motorola has created technology that combines both for superior coverage. The orientation insensitive antenna delivers extraordinary reliability and eliminates the need to precisely align the reader with the tag, adding to user comfort and productivity. The result is the ability to accurately and rapidly capture RFID tags on even the most challenging items — from a pile of clothing in a retail store or a box of files in the office to data tapes in the data center. The MC3090-Z is the only RFID reader that features pinpoint locationing technology that guides workers to an item.

Built for all day use, the MC3090-Z has an ergonomic gun-style form factor and passes the industry’s most stringent drop test and environmental tests. In another first, the RFID reader capability is combined with a scanner which means only one device per employee and one investment. An intuitive color touch screen makes it easy to use with minimal training and Wi-Fi a/b/g wireless connectivity allows it to seamlessly connect to virtually any network. The versatility of the MC3090-Z makes bringing RFID functionality to retail, healthcare, enterprise and warehousing effortless and cost-effective.

Key features and benefits include:

Groundbreaking Applications

Cutting edge antennae technology offers linear and circular polarization enabling superior reception in any environment
Powerful reception provides accurate capturing of tags on even most challenging items
Industry first pinpoint locationing technology guides workers to a specific item’s location

Easily Integrated

Features 802.11 a/b/g for real-time direct application connectivity to almost any wireless network
Compatible with Motorola’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP) and the Motorola Mobility Suite

RFID and Scanner

Motorola MAX Data Capture reads both RFID and scans bar codes
1D bar scanner works on damaged and worn bar codes
Eliminates the need for multiple devices

Rugged Ergonomics

Same drop, tumble and temperature specifications as Motorola’s industrial rugged devices
Lightest RFID reader on the market
Gun-style form factor built for all day use
Color touch screen and intuitive Interface

Versatility and Value

Designed to bring industrial level performance to carpeted environments and the unique rigors of retail, healthcare, enterprise as well as and warehousing and manufacturing
One device, compatible with many legacy systems
Easy to install with minimal employee training

Image ATID hand held is a workhorse!
This portable RFID reader is able to read and write to UHF RFID tags (ISO 18000-6B, Gen2) through multiple protocols. It can also scan your 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. Communications to external devices and networks is a breeze as the ATID 570 supports CDMA, WLAN, and integrated Bluetooth communications.

Software Applications Included
CyberGear ships two programs pre-installed on the ATID570 mobile computer that were written by CyberGear just for the ATID570 device.

A program called ScanCapture is a wedge program for capturing both barcode (1D and 2D) and RFID data. Simply place the cursor in the field where you want to report your data to, press the appropriate scan button and your barcode or RFID data appears in that field! It’s as simple as that. Many other customizable features are available.

The second program, MobileUHF, is a comprehensive RFID program that allows users to scan and wirelessly forward data to a remote computer. Additionally, users can also read and write data to the tags EPC, TID or User memory (where applicable). Again, many other customizable features are available.

Custom Software Applications Available
If you need a custom ATID570 software application please give us a call. We have experience delivering solutions with Microsoft .Net, SQL Server and GE Fanuc software products.


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