Image The US auto industry continues to power a major portion of the US economy. However, with the recent shifts in production to the southern US, Mexico and Canada, many automotive companies and part suppliers with headquarters in Michigan now face greater logistic and language issues. Similarly, a recent shift in consumer demand toward more fuel efficient vehicles (away from large trucks and SUVs) and a continued desire for greater product variability are also challenges facing US automobile and auto part suppliers. These variability and logistic challenges can be addressed, in part, through the use of CyberGear® RFID products. CyberGear® RFID solutions provide customers with accurate and timely inventory, shipping and delivery information.

In an effort to reduce the cost of manufacturing, most auto producers have embraced Lean Manufacturing initiatives. A major benefit of the Lean methodology involves a reduction in work-in-process (WIP) inventory and resulting costs. GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Plant Applications provides the necessary Lean Manufacturing “Glue” to make this possible. Proficy Plant Applications software provides the ability to download work orders from your company’s ERP system to your machinery, decrement WIP inventory and increment finished goods information in real-time.

Quality (both initial and long term) continues to be a driving force in the consumers decision to purchase a new or used vehicle. GE Intelligent Platform’s Proficy suite of Plant Applications and Shop Floor SPC software products can be used to improve and maintain product quality helping auto producers maintain and improve their customers experience.

In addition to these auto producer challenges, the US Government has mandated sweeping regulations requiring auto companies to permanently mark all major powertrain components. CyberGear® has cost competitive Direct Part Marking (DPM) solutions that include laser, inkjet and label marking technologies to address these regulations.

Many CyberGear® vendor partners such as GE Fanuc, Miyachi Unitek and Avery Dennison are global companies with offices world-wide. As your company expands please know that CyberGear and its global vendor partners are here to serve you.

Below is a list of automotive manufacturing site types with corresponding CyberGear solutions

Engine and Power Train



Interior and Exterior Parts
Automotive Electronics

Automotive Trim

Regulatory Compliance

Supply Chain

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