Aluminum Framing Solutions
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Our modular structural aluminum extrusions are designed to make assembly of modular aluminum applications fast and easy. The t-slotted extruded aluminum design enables the user to quickly create workstations, machine enclosures, robot enclosures, clean rooms, safety guarding or many
other types of automation or framing applications from stock components.

Send us your application drawings and we'll kit the application and ship it to you complete. You no longer have to machine parts, purchase product in bulk only to be left with parts you may never use again.

Aluminum Framing Solutions

Image RFID Conveyor Portal
Here we demonstrate a typical assembly for conveyors with RFID read/write capability. The aluminum frame holds the antennas in position to read a box full of small pharmaceutical bottles, as they pass by at conveyor speeds. Coax cables are connected to the RFID reader located in the lower left of the picture. This reader can then be networked, via data cable or wirelessly, to serve up the data to the facility's databases.

Image RFID Antenna Hardware
Here a number of antennas are mounted on our extruded framing to form a portal for lift trucks, to pass through without stopping. Merchandise or production inventory can be identified, counted, and logged enroute to its storage location. CyberGear® has the components, brackets and fasteners to allow you to mount this equipment in your facility.


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