ACP Thinmanager 3.1 Thin Client Software

ACP Thinmanager 3.1 Thin Client Software

ImageTo fully realize the savings of a Terminal Server environment you need the right tools. ACP has responded with ThinManager® Version 3.1 which lets you configure, maintain, upgrade and replace client devices on your network quickly and efficiently. Its intuitive Windows Explorer®-like interface provides At-A-Glance Management of all connected ThinManager Ready thin clients, PCs running WinTMC and Terminal Servers. Because ThinManager is a thin client enabling technology, each connected ThinManager Ready thin client device is guaranteed to have the same internal software, assuring uniformity of operation across a wide variety of models.

ThinManager is the most complete management tool available.
  • Quicker installs with less configuration
  • Lower cost
  • Less maintenance
  • Remote connect

ThinManager allows you to manage your terminal server network with continuity over different client hardware platforms.
  • We eliminate the 2 AM phone call
  • Automatic failover
  • Remote shadowing

Unique Features of ACP's ThinManager.
  • At-A-Glance Management
  • WinTMC
  • Failover
  • MultiSession
  • MultiMonitor
  • Smart Session
  • Term Secure
  • Mirrored Licensing
  • Remote Administration of multiple servers and clients
  • Graphs
  • Event Logging
  • Reporting

One Management Interface is better than two or more.
ThinManager is a single solution for management of fat and thin clients, and all connected terminal servers. Combined solutions from our competitors require you to manage your environment using two or more applications. The ThinManager solution allows you to configure, maintain and control your clients and servers from one easy to use interface.

ThinManager is the most complete management tool available.

Quicker install with less configuration. No hard drive means no software to install on the thin clients. Terminal Server environments allow a single install of each application for use by all connected clients. Configuration Wizards make setup easier than ever before.

Lower cost. Lower cost CPU, no floppy or hard drives, and less memory means thin clients are less expensive.

Less maintenance. Maintenance is reduced to a few servers in a central location. The constant maintenance of distributed PC operating systems is eliminated with thin clients.

ThinManager allows you to manage your terminal server network with continuity over different client hardware platforms.

We eliminate the 2 AM phone call. Equipment failure is a crisis demanding quick attention. ACP ThinManager allows any ThinManager Ready thin client to be replaced by anyone in minutes, instead of the hours required for standard Windows PC replacement.

Automatic Failover. In the event of a Terminal Server failure, the client will fail over to a back up server and continue working. Imagine the peace of mind this provides.

Further Information Regarding Features

At-A-Glance Management
Manage your entire network from ThinManager by viewing all ThinManager Servers and all Terminal Servers in one tree. See which clients are online and follow graphically the network path from the clients back to all the servers. Configure and maintain each client individually in ThinManager or put the clients into groups and manage many clients at once.

ThinManager supports WinTMC, ACP's software client that provides a Windows PC the functionality of a thin client.

ThinManager allows every client to be assigned to several Terminal Servers. If the current Terminal Server fails, the client will switch to another designated Terminal Server, allowing the unit to continue functioning in the event of a server failure. The Instant Failover Module allows clients to run sessions on two Terminal Servers simultaneously. If the primary Terminal Server fails, the client will instantly switch to the waiting session.

ACP's latest module, MultiMonitor, allows ThinManager users to take advantage of new ThinManager Ready thin clients coming from Arista and display up to five screens on a single thin client. While a few other thin client companies have started to offer multiple monitors, ACP is the first to allow the client to display a different session on each of the screens.

Simultaneously connect to two or more Terminal Servers and run the applications you need. Switch between your sessions using a mouse click or keystroke. Now one ThinManager Ready thin client can give you access to all of your servers and programs at the same time.

Smart Session
Imagine a computer network that can make decisions about how to best allocate its resources. That's what SmartSession does for your Terminal Server network. As resources are used, SmartSession decides where to assign users to keep the Terminal Servers running at peak efficiency. SmartSession's unique Queuing feature helps administrators manage the Terminal Server's processor load by pausing individual clients before connection if necessary.

Use TermSecure to restrict access to sessions with a secure login. This can be configured with username and password, a prox card, or a combination of both.

Mirrored Licensing
Now you can get the advantages of ThinManager License Redundancy without having to install a second set of licenses! The new ThinManager Mirrored Licenses provide the ability to configure a mirrored ThinManager Server at a significant cost savings. Add any of the new mirrored licenses to your primary ThinManager Server and identify a second ThinManager Server to be used as a backup. ThinManager will create a mirrored copy of the base license and automatically synchronize the two ThinManager Servers.