ImageMobile Hawk DPM Imager
The Mobile Hawk is the world’s highest performance handheld imager and easily reads any challenging direct part marks (DPM), from linear barcodes to 2D symbols. Using advanced technology, the Mobile Hawk combines patent-pending MAXlite illumination with aggressive X-Mode DPM algorithms.

The result is a truly plug-and-play mobile imager that is easy to use and extremely reliable for low contrast DPM applications.

X-Mode Decode Algorithms:
Using advanced X-Mode decode algorithms, the Mobile Hawk consistently captures low contrast, damaged, or otherwise challenging direct part marks. Both linear and 2D symbols are read in any orientation.

MAXlite Illumination: The Mobile Hawk includes MAXlite (Multi-Axis Lighting) technology for even illumination of flat, shiny surfaces, enhancing embossed features, or differentiating features on curved surfaces The wide range of capabilities ensures reliable reading of the toughest direct part marks.

Easy to Use:
Mobile Hawk imagers feature simple point-and-click targeting, with audible, vibrator, and multipurpose visual user systems to provide real-time feedback. Easy connectivity and portability are ensured with direct, single USB power connection; no additional power connection is required.

High Processing Speed: Fast processing speed allows the imager to acquire and decode multiple symbologies within seconds of each other, without any adjustment to the imager.

Rugged Design:
Featuring a ruggedized design with a permanent lanyard hook, the Mobile Hawk includes a
secured cable and durable overmolded housing capable of withstanding over 50 drops of 6’ to concrete.


ImageHawkeye 1500 DPM Barcode Reader

The HawkEye 1500 Series are high performance fixed-mount direct part mark (DPM) readers in a
user-friendly smart camera format. The simple interface, advanced programming controls, and
optional built-in symbol quality verification make the HawkEye 1500 a flexible and powerful series
of readers. Whether reading printed labels or a challenging low contrast DPM, the HawkEye 1500
Series provide cost-effective reliable reading solutions.HawkEye 1510: Flexible reader with multiple C-mount lens and lighting options

HawkEye 1515:
Universal reader for the broadest range of direct part mark reading applications

HawkEye 1525:
Specializes in DPM reading with darkfield illumination, typically used for highly reflective parts

Optimized Decoding:  Industry-leading decoding algorithms allow the HawkEye 1500 series to consistently read damaged, distorted or otherwise challenging directly marked codes at high decode rates.

Built-In Connectivity: 
Built-in Ethernet and serial ports are available for setup, control and data transfer. Eight points of discrete digital I/O are also included.

ReadRunner Software:  The ReadRunner monitoring and setup software allows optimization of reading performance and remote monitoring of readers.

QuicSet Technology:  The patented QuicSet audio visual alignment pairs with unique auto-learn features to allow users to easily and reliably align and train the unit.

DPM Verification:  Built-in verification enables real time quality monitoring to ensure consistently high read rates. The optional license enables advanced 1D and 2D verification, including AIM DPM-1-2006 standards and user-defined custom verification.


ImageMINI Hawk Imager Series

MINI Hawk imagers pack aggressive direct part mark (DPM) reading algorithms into a miniature imager that is both powerful and easy to use for barcode and 2D track, trace and control applications. Aggressive decoding is ensured through X-Mode technology, which reads damaged or difficult symbols with no configuration or setup required.

With high speed and high resolution configurations available, there is a MINI Hawk imager to solve virtually any challenging application.

Decode Any Symbol:  The MINI Hawk consistently reads damaged, distorted or otherwise challenging direct part marks with our patented decode algorithms.

Autofocus:  For real time dynamic autofocus, position the symbol at the center of the field of view, and push the EZ button. The MINI Hawk automatically adjusts focal distance and sets internal parameters to optimize the symbol.

Wide Field of View:  Read symbols as large as 2” (50.8 mm) square as close as 1” (25.4 mm) with diffractive field illumination and optional right angle mirror.

X–Mode Technology:  In addition to the most aggressive decoding available, X-Mode technology provides easy setup and deployment of the MINI Hawk in any application.

Compact and Lightweight:  Miniature form factor fits easily in tight spaces, and is lightweight for mounting into robotic applications.


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