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With recent shifts in supply chains, consumer desires, and government regulations, many automotive companies and part suppliers now face greater logistics and time-to-market issues. Cybergear addresses those issues by partnering with GE Digital to provide auto manufacturers the adaptable technologies needed to continually thrive.

From automotive OEM assembly and powertrain operations to part supplier solutions and more, we have manufacturing IT solutions for each step of your journey. From concept to completion, Cybergear provides: 

  • Test and development environments
  • Integration vetting and solution development
  • Training: developer and user
  • On-going governance

Many auto producers have embraced lean manufacturing initiatives to reduce work-in-process (WIP) inventory. GE Digital’s proficy plant applications software provides the necessary lean manufacturing “glue” to make this possible. In addition, proficy plant applications software provides the ability to download work orders from your ERP system to your machinery, decrement WIP inventory, and increment finished goods information in real-time. 


As consumer desires shift toward greater variability, logistic challenges can be addressed by providing customers with accurate, cost effective and timely inventory, shipping and delivery information. As quality continues to be a driving force in auto purchases, GE Digital’s suite of plant applications can be used to improve and maintain product quality, helping auto producers maintain and improve customer experience. 


Because Cybergear partners with global companies GE Digital, as your company expands, we will continue to offer the capabilities you need.


“We have been working with Cybergear for over 10 yrs. We appreciate their reliability and professionalism.”

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