Cybergear’s capabilities can help you gain agility and thrive.

Tighter regulations, commoditization of formulations, and shrinking domestic demand are major contributors to profitability in the chemical industry.

Backed by GE Digital’s batch software, we can fine tune formulations for your customer needs, providing separation from commodity trends. With repeatable batch manufacturing, your SKU’s will increase, along with additional products for both existing and new customers. 

Cybergear can also help you Increase equipment utilization using GE Digital’s RobEx finite capacity scheduling software. RobEx allows you to do “what if” planning to maximize your throughput, minimize WIP, and lower material requirements. Combined with GE Digital plant applications, MES/MOM software will allow you to seamlessly move customer orders in your ERP into production.

Whatever your unique needs in the chemical manufacturing industry, Cybergear can provide assistance: 

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduce waste through batch processing
  • Reduced labor component
  • Cost analytics 
  • Batch analytics
  • Material consumption analytics
  • Time in tank costs


“Cybergear works hard to keep us informed of new technologies that are applicable to our business. Cybergear is our go-to for GE iFix system help.”

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