Efficiency Management

A manufacturer is only as profitable as it is efficient.

Backed by GE Digital, our efficiency management applications allow you to track and monitor your operation’s critical key performance indicators such as overall equipment effectiveness, downtime, waste, and production counts, mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and more. By harnessing vital data into real-time reporting, Cybergear can help you correlate daily events and identify root causes to keep your operations nimble. Some of our efficiency management features include:

– Downtime tracking

– Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

– Waste management

– Energy management

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Efficiency Management Downloads


  • Ops Hub Datasheet

    Ops Hub Datasheet

  • Plant Applications

    Modern, Mobile-First MES/MOM Solution from GE Digital


  • Close the Productivity Gap with OEE

    Reduce changeover time, improve supply chain predictability, and enhance quality…

Informational Videos

  • Operations Hub Demo 6


    Creating a Page-OEE KPI from Proficy Plant Applications

  • Operations Hub Demo 7


    Creating a Page-Downtime from Proficy Plant Applications

Training Resources

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