Laser Systems

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Cybergear partners with Amada Weld Tech to bring manufacturers everything they need to install, operate, and service laser technologies. Whether you’re brand new or experienced in laser equipment, Cybergear can help you determine the best solutions for your needs. 

Working with Amada Weld Tech, we’ll meet with you in person to test your application, materials, parts, and production line requirements and develop a custom proposal. Cybergear also helps you maintain new or existing laser technologies by providing you with certified service personnel and complimentary access to Amada Weld Tech’s laser application labs in Wixom, MI and Monrovia, CA.

Our partner, Amada Weld Tech, is the premier provider of fiber laser marking, engraving, annealing, cutting and laser welding equipment for industrial applications. Amada Weld Tech provides fiber and pulsed Nd:YAG lasers for welding, marking, engraving, and cutting (up to 7kW peak power and multiple output beams for OEM’s) or as turnkey systems with multi-axis CNC motion hardware. The company also designs, builds, and supports both standard and custom workstation systems with CDRH class I enclosures, multi-axis motion control, vibration isolation, inert gas glovebox systems, CCTV vision for inspection and vision-assisted motion, laser control software, and a wide range of standard laser welding beam delivery components and accessories.

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Laser Systems Downloads


  • AMADA WELD TECH Integrated Systems Brochure

    AMADA WELD TECH Integrated Systems Brochure

  • Delta Series Technical Datasheet

    DeltaSeries Technical Datasheet

  • Laser Welding Gloveboxes

    Precise control of moisture, pressure and gas composition

  • LF Series

    Precise control needed for small component welding

  • LM-F

    Laser engravers combine cutting-edge tech with industrial robustness

  • ML-5120A

    Direct diode lasers are extremely efficient


  • Delta Motion Essentials

    Guide to programming in Delta Motion

  • Laser Marking Fundamentals

    How a laser marker works

  • Laser Welding Fundamentals

    Laser Welding Fundamentals

Informational Videos

  • Laser Welding Automotive Pressure Sensor – AMADAWELD TECH


    Laser Welding Automotive Pressure Sensor - AMADAWELD TECH

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