Maintenance Interface

Keep your equipment running smoothly and avoid downtime with Cybergear’s maintenance activities services.

Because operators tend to know their equipment well, they are most suited to determine when maintenance is necessary. By utilizing autonomous maintenance, a tenant of total productive maintenance, you streamline processes by allowing operators to perform maintenance on their own equipment. In addition, Proficy Plant Applications software helps boost efficiency by recording and alerting operators to when maintenance is needed.

Processes can be streamline with autonomous maintenance.

Cybergear maintenance systems can report equipment use and alarm you to conditions, generating real-time work orders. Proficy Plant Applications interfaces with the two most popular maintenance management systems manufacturers have today, SAP/PM and Maximo, while additional systems can be integrated (if supporting RESTFUL interfaces, SQL, OPC or other popular technologies). In addition to these capabilities, our standard features include:


– Autonomous maintenance activities

– Equipment use tracking

– Asset performance management


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