Modernization / Digital Transformation

Moving from paper to digital systems is a big decision. One that can deliver insight, throughput and agility to your manufacturing operations.

Cybergear offers a digital transformation blueprinting service designed to move customers’ paper-based processes to an online solution. Among its many benefits, digital manufacturing processes grant instant visibility to orders and inventory,  helping you gain agility and improve overall costs.

There are several different approaches to “going digital.” Whether you choose to host your own server or utilize cloud resources, develop a mobile-first or a desktop-kiosk design (or somewhere in between) we can build an approach that works for you.

After determining your digital transformation needs, Cybergear will guide you and your staff through the implementation process from start to finish, using lean exercises designed to streamline your operations. Oftentimes we employ a partial-plant implementation approach, allowing some manufacturing processes to become digitized while others are left as-is for a subsequent project. This phased strategy allows your plant personnel and processes to acclimate and mature, evolving best practices along the way.

Cybergear’s end goal is to help develop a system that is fully operational by you. While we will most often take the lead on initial projects, many customers take the reins by the second or third project. We believe a hands-on, educational approach helps build intra-company knowledge and capabilities while reducing costs associated with external contracts.

Talk to us to see how we can help you  with   “going digital” to transform and streamline your operations.

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